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I originally came up with the idea for Global Expats in 2005, after 30+ years abroad, which included 8 international moves and over a dozen domestic ones. However, unlike some, I was always a very ‘willing’ expat, having been ‘bit’ by the ‘Expat Bug’ at the ripe ol’ age of 14 and a stance in London in the mid-‘70s – or, rather a British boarding school in Kent, with week-end exeats in London.


Since then, my life has taken many twists and turns. And, while I walked away from a career in the political arena (and financial markets) a very long time ago – disillusioned with Washington (& Wall Street), long before it became fashionable – I never lost the convictions and beliefs which propelled me there in the first place.  So what started out as a simple website (designed to opt me back into the work-force by utilizing my knowledge, experience, and perhaps a little wisdom in helping others) has now metamorphosed into something much, much bigger – a full-fledge homemaker’s rights Manifesto with a full-fledged Declaration of Independence and Declaration of War, and my own modern-day USS Bonhomme Richard to boot!


So for Global Expats, and where it is at present. At the first level, this project is designed to provide not only financial security for me and my children (as planned so many years ago), but a network and platform where other trailing spouses might to do the same. Basically, Global Expats will utilize the same structure as other ‘Expat Wives Clubs.’ But, will transform that structure into a revenue-generating one.


In this way Global Expats can remunerate expat spouses for all the valuable work they do as 'family managers' as well as 'community managers.'  While the first of our ‘Products & Services,’ is obviously this website, we will also be partnering up with many different orgs across the globe to provide a comprehensive and integrated plan to the 'Expat Family' question, as well as the 'Dual-Career Challenges' question, of the relocating family.  For a full explanation of the project, click here.  For any questions about partnering possibilities, please contact me at Quenby@global-xpats.com. And, for advertising and sponsor opportunities, please visit our Advertising section


This brings me to the second & ‘newer’ objective of Global Expats – the defense and protection of the rights of expats in case of divorce and custody disputes in foreign courts. While admittedly events of my life have obligated me to put the cart before the horse on domestic violence issues and the legal obligations of Consulates at the launching of Global Expats. Rest assured – I will not be deterred from my original objective with this project – 'Reformation' of the ‘Expats Wives Club.'  The structure that this model affords is THE KEY in successfully distributing products & services to expat families, but they must adapt to the changing needs of those families -- while becoming a collective Voice for their constituency. For a full explanation of how the products and services of Global Expats will be developed & delivered, please see Profile of the Trailing Spouse & Expat Family: Challenges & Solutions.


In the coming months, I will be presenting my own case against the Spanish government to CEDAW (Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women), building on and challenging the Spanish government’s (rejected) defense in CEDAW’s 2014 landmark decision Gonzalez Carreño vs. Spain. And, while I am not a licensed lawyer, my argumentations are in line with, and utilize the exact same argumentations found in Gender Stereotyping: Transnational Legal Perspectives (Cook & Cusack, 2010) and Human Rights of Women: National & International Perspective (Cook, 1994). Also, I come from a very long line of freedom fighter/rebels – so I guess one might say I finally got into the ‘family business.’


So obviously the issues at stake here (along with my legal argumentations) are NOT ‘new-fangled,’ ‘wacko-feminist’ or ‘inexplicable,' ‘intangible ideas’ de una tontita que haría mejor a callarse – as implicated lawyers continually contend. My analyses (in my correspondences & blogs) go to the fundamental of what defines a democracy; democratic procedure, due process, and the Rule of Law – particularly in relation to gender-equality and human rights of women and children. And, any contention by government officials, lawyers, judges, or any other person that attempts to justify or rationalize the subordination of the Rights of women & children within any court system is, in and of itself, discrimination against women, and in violation of national and international laws.


Furthermore, the argumentations presented in my case are also corroborated by argumentation used by Glenn Greenwald in With Liberty & Justice for Somehighlighting yet again the fact that rampant discrimination and corruption in the courts and society are not benign and inconsequential, but attack the very fundamentals of a democracy – a theme reiterated and reiterated in my blogs,  In Defense of Maria Jose Carrascosa: Rights Are No Rights Unless Protected and Defended, A Global Voice for Women: The Right to Be Heard, and my letter to the White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, inter alia.   


As you might well imagine, my life has become terribly convoluted in the past decade due to incompetent lawyers and judges, who have created so many illegal twists & turns in judicial & extra-judicial proceedings (in order to cover-up for the cover-ups of the cover-ups…), that even the most savvy & sophisticated lawyers in the USA and Europe are completely incapable of understanding the intermingling of legal implications under international commerce & trade, domestic violence, gender-equality, and human rights law. – Never has the linear, tunnel-vision world of ours ever been more painfully apparent to me than in the past 8 years.


Lawyers these days are so highly-specialized, that unweaving the ‘tangled web’ abusers (and their accessories) leave behind is something very few lawyers can do – ergo, rampant (75-95%) negligence in the courts – with the ‘consumer’ paying the highest price in dollars/euros, etc., and society in terms of its humanity and rule of law. 


While governments (and judicial actors) are all too often trying to rationalize and justify rampant court-corruption with feeble excuses and whining, contending that the problems in the courts is not rampant greed & corruption, but rather a “poor, over-worked and under-paid staff.”  In reality, however, the courts are paying what (according to family court standards & decisions) are “exorbitant salaries” to their judges, court clerks, staff, etc. – with the most grotesques sums going to lawyers & forensic ‘experts.’  Therefore, the very same governments who have a sacred and legal duty to protect & defend the life, liberties & rights of citizens, by their omission of action, are encouraging (and assuring) that greed & corruption dominate the legal community & courts. The fact that the courts are turning around and blaming “greedy,” “irresponsible,” “infantile,” ‘consumers’ for chaos and problems they themselves are creating in family courts is just indicative and more proof as to the abusive mind-frame of those in family court systems. See the documentary Divorce Corp and No Way Out But One


It’s a pretty scary thought that in our complex, sophisticated global legal systems, the ‘lowest of the low,’ and ‘stupidest of stupids’ in our societies -- a woman, and housewife to boot (Coltrane/Braseby) -- can figure out and argue a case all the way to the international courts, that the crème de la crème lawyers (and journalists) in the USA – even hard-core feminists ones -- can’t seem to figure out!? Could it possibly be that women & homemakers are not quite as stupid as all of these “important” people are pretending, and trying to convince everyone, that they are? Could it possibly be that the knowledge and experience of the care-givers in our societies actually has some value and insight to impart on global discussions and debates about the important issues surrounding THEM AND THEIR OFF-SPRING?


The condescending, callate tonta attitude of lawyers, judges, court-officials, civil servants, public authorities, the lists goes on and on, is not only EXTREMELY INSULTING it is ILLEGAL and renders all family courts, their deliberations, and decisions ILLEGAL under international, human rights law – and sometimes under national law.


In Spain for example, under art. 10 of the Spanish Equality Act (3/07) “Any act or clause in legal transactions constituting or causing discrimination on the grounds of sex will be considered to be null and void and will give rise to liability both through a system of redress or indemnity that will be real, effective and proportional to the injury suffered and, as appropriate, through an effective system of deterrents consisting in penalties to prevent discriminatory conduct” – noting that the legal defense of the Spanish government in my case has been “innocence due to ‘habitual custom’ of discrimination against women by lawyers & courts in Spain” – hardly a convincing argument under international law!

Paradoxically, instead of absolving the Spanish government of wrong-doing, their ridiculous “defense” renders ALL AND ANY custodial decisions, liquidation of assets, alimony decisions, or any other financial considerations by Spanish family courts from March 2007 to present ILLEGAL AND NULL AND VOID. At present the Spanish government (under their own admission of habitual custom of discrimination) is legally and financially liable for all and any financial losses or hardships, as well as emotional distress, suffered by any woman in Spain who was divorced after March 2007 – an estimated 700,000 cases and €100-200 billion in misappropriated and/or extorted funds of the women involved, without entering into financial damages due to discriminatory alimony decisions by the courts which might easily double the figure. 

The extent to which family courts around the world are flagrantly thrawting laws, civil codes, and constitutions is truly incredible, in not only its size, proportion, and prevalence, but also in the Nazi concentration-camp-style atrocities (in the millions, globally) that governments are enabling and empowering in the name of 'judicial independence,' and 'sovereignty rights,' but in reality is nothing more than political expediency. These 'war crime' style atrocities, it should be noted are in addition to the entire populations of divorced women (in 100s of millions) who have been thrown into abject, life-long poverty by gender-bias & corruption in the courts. The reality here is that the legal community and judicial branches  are usurping the power of the legislative branches, with the executive branches standing by complacently watching. (So if you wish to avoid reading the thousands of pages of argumentation and citations in my official communications and complaints, and understand the crux of my case, aside from the gender-bias & women rights issues, that is it in a nutshell.) 


My case is no longer about the simple illegal conduct & supremacists crimes of una banda of ignorant, gender-bias, misogynistic, xenophobic lawyers and judges in Spain, but rather about the Right of a woman in Spain (or any country) to:

-> work outside the home

-> access HER common property assets in order to pursue entrepreneurial activities (as well as daily expenses & legal expenses – or ¡lo que la da la gana, por Dios! Somos adultas intelligentes que merecen RESPECTO -- and not second-class citizens!!)

-> have her work within the home, family and contribution to society recognized by society, the courts, and governments at par with all other work and workers in societies (homemakers and slaves are the only two groups at present in the world that are expected to work with no remuneration, recognition, or right to property – calling attention to my blog In Defense of Maria Jose Carrascosa: Rights Are No Rights Unless Protected and Defended)

-> have her contribution to the development of her spouse’s career recognized by the courts during financial considerations in divorce proceedings

-> have her life, liberties, property and pursuit of ‘happiness’ protected by governments, the courts and HER OWN lawyers (as is their legal obligation)


So while I continue to tilt at windmills, I hope that the information on this website will be of help and assistance to you in your own travels abroad. I encourage your participation in the blogs, articles, and reviews. Additionally, I encourage support from sponsors and advertisers -- for the best way to help & assist the international 'expat spouse' community is by helping them to help themselves. If my story is testament to anything, it is testament to that.  And, if any expat spouses are interested in participating in the development of this project, please feel free to contact me at quenby@global-xpats.com.


Bon voyage!