Terrorism Around the World: The War Within

on 09/14/2015 - 02:42 pm

“Poor Brutus, with himself at war, Forgets the shows of love to other men” (1.2.46) Julius Caesar
If you listen to some of the “politically correct” rhetoric within western societies these days, you may be led to believe that the Muslim religion is somehow “responsible” for terrorism. However, there are two major flaws to this theory. The first is that there are many terrorist groups, ETA, IRA, FARC to name a few, that have absolutely nothing to do with the Muslim religion, and the second is that there are millions and millions and millions of Muslims in this world who are not terrorist and have no connection what-so-ever to terrorist groups. Therefore, t ...

The Wild West of Self -Regulation

on 08/16/2015 - 11:26 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
They say that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. -- Unfortunately, this appears to be the state of affairs in countries across the globe – with all too little being done to address the underlying problems.
My blog, Empowering Women to Empower Themselves, brought up the issue of self-regulation (or rather the lack thereof) in the judiciary. The failure of ‘self-regulation’ in the legal profession, for decades on end, has created a ‘Wild West’ in the courts, where it is the outlaws and bandits who ‘rule the roost’; and where women and children are nothing more than commodities, sold to the highest bidder.
T ...

A Question of Fair Play, Ethics & Daring to Differ

on 08/16/2015 - 10:53 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
Under the direction of its Managing Director Christine Lagarde, the IMF has focused substantially on the effect empowering women has on a country's economy in recent years. A study just released by the IMF, Fair Play: More Equal Laws Boost Female Labor Force Participation, found "that restrictions on women's rights to inheritance and property, as well as legal impediments to undertaking economic activities such as opening a bank account or freely pursuing a profession, are strongly associated with larger gender gaps in labor force participation... The results from this study suggest that it would be beneficial to level the playing field by removing obstacles that ...

Vital Lies, Simple Truths and Judicial Independence

on 08/16/2015 - 10:41 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
In the global battle to end domestic violence, governments are ‘rationalizing’ unbridled discrimination against women and corruption in court systems with the argument that judicial actors are ‘protected’ and ‘immune from sanctions’ under the principle of ‘judicial independence’ (or ‘sovereignty/federalism’ in the case of the American government and Gonzales vs. USA, 2011).
But, these arguments, from a purely logical stand-point, have no validity or substance, and are nothing more than gobbledygook of on-the-fence, do-nothing bureaucrats. As Daniel Goleman explains in Vital Lies, Simple Truths “one of t ...