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Empowering Women to Empower Themselves

on 08/16/2015 - 10:11 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
Every time I turn around, I encounter another organization that is dedicated to ‘Empowering’ women. But, when one starts to scratch the surface, moving beyond the rhetoric, it is clear that very few understand, and much less address, the harsh realities women face into today’s world.
Since one of the most widespread and pervasive factors ‘disempowering’ women today (and why we, in turn, need to be ‘empowered’) are family divorce courts. If anyone really wanted to ‘empower’ women, their first step would be to take draconian actions against the judicial actors who are creating rampant corruption and chaos in the cour ...

It’s Time to Stop Playing Ostrich

on 08/16/2015 - 09:06 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
Many years ago, an Indian friend of mine told me her husband could say “I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you,” take her children and throw her out onto the street with nothing. At the time, I thought “how horrible to live in a society where women have no rights” – not realizing that this was her reality, as much as mine own.
In the past decades, women’s rights laws have changed in countries around the world, with almost everyone becoming signatories to the CEDAW, as well as passing a myriad of gender-equality laws. However, because lawyers across the globe have been slow, hard-pressed, and even refusing to further women&rsquo ...

Why the Cock-bird Can Feather His Nest

on 08/16/2015 - 05:09 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
One of the most vociferous proponents of women’s rights in the past few decades has been the American presidential contender, Hillary Clinton – with the Clinton Foundation promising to “lift millions of women out of poverty—and with them, their families and entire communities.”
But, Clinton, like most women’s rights proponents of our time, is remaining all too silent about how continuing discrimination against women with family courts is disempowering, impoverishing, and oppressing millions of women each year in ‘America’ – and, what she plans to do about it if elected president.
Dr. Arlie Russell Hochschild expla ...