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The Secret to Successful Networking

on 08/16/2015 - 04:14 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
Networking websites such as Facebook & Linkedin and many others on the Internet have brought much attention to the existence and importance of networking; with some people even contending that facebook ‘invented’ networking. However, networking is nothing new, it has been around since the beginning of mankind.
Networking is used by people everywhere – by business men & women, by entrepreneurs, by politicians & lobbyists, by lawyers, judges & other judicial actors, by doctors & healthcare professionals, by journalists, by clergymen, by moms & homemakers, by bureaucrats & civil servants, by those involved in organized crime ...

The Power of Women in the New Global Economy

on 08/16/2015 - 03:14 pm

The 1980’s were characterized by mergers and acquisitions with corporate raiders, financial institutions and the legal profession raking in big bucks in the wake they left behind. The idea behind these M&A’s was to produce economies of scale, and thereby efficiencies in industries and markets. But, in reality what was produced were monolithic companies plagued with bureaucratic inefficiencies, which in turn lobbied governments to deregulate industries and convince regulatory agencies to turn a blind-eye to unethical, and at time illegal, conduct of corporate executives. Then, in the 1990’s the concept of ‘too big to fail’ was born, with populations across th ...