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Vital Lies, Simple Truths and Judicial Independence

on 08/16/2015 - 10:41 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
In the global battle to end domestic violence, governments are ‘rationalizing’ unbridled discrimination against women and corruption in court systems with the argument that judicial actors are ‘protected’ and ‘immune from sanctions’ under the principle of ‘judicial independence’ (or ‘sovereignty/federalism’ in the case of the American government and Gonzales vs. USA, 2011).
But, these arguments, from a purely logical stand-point, have no validity or substance, and are nothing more than gobbledygook of on-the-fence, do-nothing bureaucrats. As Daniel Goleman explains in Vital Lies, Simple Truths “one of t ...

Equality Is Only an Illusionary Fairy-Tale

on 08/16/2015 - 08:08 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
Gender-based violence is usually considered ‘an isolated incident’ rather than as part of a systematic ‘terrorism’ against women. But, Rhonda Copelon, in Understanding Domestic Violence as Torture (Human Rights of Women edited by Rebecca J. Cook), compares the violence against women today, particularly violence within the home, with that of State sanctioned torture that has been used for centuries in terrorizing populations across the globe.
In her chapter, Copelon states that the “terroristic use of torture [] was born in the Inquisition and reached its apogee in the European with-hunt of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries… a ...

Que Vamos Hacer, Que Pena Contigo & It Is What It Is – Or, Is It?

on 08/16/2015 - 06:33 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
One of my first blogs for Global Expats, a little over 8 years ago, was titled Spain – Que Vamos Hacer, comparing the “Que vamos hacer” phenomenon in Spain with the “Que pena contigo” phenomenon in Colombia (with the American version being, “It is what it is”).  
The blog (cultural-analysis of the semantics aside) explored the discriminatory norms immigrants confront in Spain; how apathy of local ‘traffic cops’ promotes chaos on the roadways; how arbitrary norms within the courts promotes injustice and lawlessness within communities; how negligent consumer protection agencies promote incompetent goods & se ...

Feminism & the Enemy Within

on 08/16/2015 - 06:12 pm

One of the most common used criteria in ‘measuring’ women’s battle for equality, is in counting the number of women who hold high-level positions in the private and public sector. The problem with this, is that it fails to take into account the extent to which women in society are all too often their ‘worst enemy’. As Eleanor Smeal, former president of NOW and Founder of the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF), said “You can’t count on any woman, once she gets some power, not to sell other women out” (The Second Stage by Betty Friedan).
This phenomenon is explained by Katherine Van Wormer in Confronting Oppression, Restoring Justice, “The ...

Professionalization to Domesticity: Not Mutually Exclusive

on 08/16/2015 - 12:07 pm

by Quenby Wilcox
The work-place of the 1980s and ‘90s was characterized by a transition from a manufacturing to a service and information-base economy, or what some call the “post-industrial revolution”.  It was replete with mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, and rapid expansion, with companies scrambling around trying to restructure, reorganize, streamline and adapt to a continually changing and chaotic environment.  
These decades were also dominated by Wall Street ‘golden-boys’ (and a few ‘golden-girls’), international financiers, deregulation of the financial sector, globalization of financial markets, ‘trickle-down’ R ...

‘Alpha’ Male Leadership: Responsible for Modern Day Problems?

on 08/16/2015 - 10:59 am

by Quenby Wilcox
“What is marketing?” were the opening words of my Marketing 101 professor on the first day of class, all too many years ago. His question received a myriad of responses filled with business jargon and hyped words – sales, promotion, advertising, targeting… “No” he said. “Marketing is defining your market, understanding the needs of that market, and fulfilling those needs.”
If you wish to start a business, new product-line, campaign, or almost any new endeavor, these simple words of advice are perhaps the most valuable ones you can follow. However, they are the ones least heeded and followed by even the most sophisticated en ...

Gilded Cages - Why the Caged Bird Still Sings

on 08/16/2015 - 10:42 am

by Quenby Wilcox
"The problem lay buried, unspoken, for many years in the minds of American women. It was a strange stirring, a sense of dissatisfaction, a yearning that women suffered in the middle of the 20th century in the United States. Each suburban wife struggled with it alone… she was afraid to ask even of herself the silent question — 'Is this all?" wrote Betty Friedan in her best-selling book The Feminine Mystique. Half a century later the suburban wife is still asking herself the same question – the only difference is that it is in relation to her job within corporate America rather than within the home.
So what happened? Why has 50 years of activism, legi ...

Opting Back Into the Job Market: a ‘Piece of Cake’, Or Is It?

on 08/16/2015 - 09:41 am

by Quenby Wilcox
In 2003 Lisa Belkin coined the phrase ‘opting out’ (of the work-force) with her New York Times article Opt Out Revolution.  Since then the Internet has been flooded with blogs and articles about moms who have ‘opted out’ of high paying corporate jobs and careers to raise their children, but who are now returning to the work-force with great success. So if one believes everything that is posted on the Internet, re-insertion into the job market is a ‘piece of cake’.
However, if you scratch the surface of these ‘success’ stories, most are about women who have taken a 4-8 years break, armed with MBAs and/or PhDs, and ha ...